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Sep 20

Company Profile

Kite Union Pty Ltd provides unique and professional Information Technology services for small to large businesses. We not only develop software and mobile applications, we also concentrate on a high quality design and marketing whereas deliverying comprehensive and creative approach to IT solutions.

"There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth." Leo Tolstoy.

At Kite Union Pty Ltd we have a customer-centric approach which means that we have a personalised approach to every customer and create tailored projects accroding to customer specific needs. We offer a strong team of IT developers, designers and marketing specialists from Australia and Europe which allows customers to receive up-to-date and multifaceted services.

We currently offer the following services:

Extensive IT Development

Android, iOS, WP, Web software development from the scratch. We create the greatest and stable architecture and minimise ongoing support issues. The team of professionals does everything to meet your expectations and goals.

IT Consulting

Auditing, design, consultancy, strategy development and change management. Whether you are just starting your business or you only need maintainence for your current software, we are ready to help and offer tailored solutions.


Prototyping design, sketching, IT architecture design. Our team of experience designers is ready to share their vast knowledge and superior skills for you to achieve success with your business productivity.

Quality Assuarance

Testing, documenting and analising IT issues. With our team of testers we manage and monitor every stage of the project assuring design quality and adhering to standards and requirements.

Maintence And Support

Ongoing IT advice, support, updates and issue resolution.


Promoting, advertising, SEO optimisation support, social networking. We only work with experts in IT marketing who constantly explore IT trends worldwide.

Kite Union Pty Ltd is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. However we provide the service worldwide. Contact us today and our professionalism and reliability will bring your business to the next stage.

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Alexey Prokopenko

Create your IT masterpiece with us to succeed. Whatever your ideas are, share them with us.



Andrey Saltanov

Mobile technology expands your opportunities and with appopritate design it becomes a rock.



Anton Gratij

Cloud solutions extend your business to the ultimate goal. Trust this to experts.



Dune Surf

We make your project stand out. Start moving towards your dream today.





I trusted my IT needs to Kite Union Pty Ltd and they succeeded. Great and comprehensinve service.

Dune Surf - Managing Director, Infinity Expo

An excellent team. Superior skills. Great communication and customer approach. Highly recommended.

Mr. Williams - CEO, Domestique Fitness
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